Pollution is a problem

the problem is Pollution, Please You have to use at least 3 reliable resource one of them should be previewed. will be responsible for identifying a current social problem or issue facing domestic or global society of interest. You will be responsible for gathering and analyzing scholarly information about this challenge, including a plan of action on how to provide a solution for this issue. You will be responsible for accurately, clearly, and coherently summarizing this information through written summary of your inquiry results including the specific challenge or concern, possible solutions, and relevant citations.

Your draft should include:

  • A clear definition of your social problem or issue- What is it?
  • A detailed explanation about why it is an issue and why you chose it

In order to do this successfully, your Final draft should be 5-8 pages, and include a separate work cited/reference page. A title page is not necessary, but please use proper MLA format.