Pop Culture Analysis

Literary Analysis: Gender Roles in Television

Prompt: Discuss the treatment of gender in a television sitcom of your choice. After watching at least 2 episodes of the sitcom, you will present an argument about the way the show portrays gender. Does the show challenge the norms? Does it fall into typical assumptions about gender roles? Can you make a point about relationships or adolescent development and gender? Can you analyze a specific character (or two or three)?

In this essay, you will follow the traditional format for an academic essay, structuring your essay around a central argument about gender in the thesis statement. You will then support that thesis in the body of the essay with topic sentences that make specific claims that directly prove your established thesis and are supported with reference to the sitcom and its characters. In the conclusion, you should fully explain a new understanding about what the sitcom achieves in its treatment of gender roles.

Requirements: In 2-3 pages follow MLA rules for formatting and citation. Use no outside sources beyond episodes of the television show.