As you will see, the Portfolio assignments are designed to provide a personal connection to the course materials. There are no right or wrong answers. What will ultimately be valuable to you is the degree to which you think about the material and provide complete and well-thought-out answers. The first assignment is to analyze the degree of importance of travel in each of our individual lives. Complete the following:

Favorite Travel Experiences

1. Think deliberately about what you consider to be your five most meaningful travel experiences. These could be locally (Balboa Park, for example), national, or international. Your choices can be from when you were very young (say a trip with your parents) or something you did this summer. The travel you choose can be something you did alone or with others. That is, just about anything that involves travel could be considered. At this point your task is to determine the five most important travel experiences of your life. Although this is the only exception, I will allow simple bullet points for your listing of the your top five travel experiences. Otherwise, all other responses for your Portfolio entries should be in full sentences.

Qualities That Made These Your Favorites

2. Describe the qualities that made these travel experiences important and meaningful to you. In this instance take each of the individual travel experiences, as listed above, and provide a detailed accounting of what, exactly, made these experiences special to you.

Themes Determining the Importance of Travel

3. Finally, what are the patterns or themes or commonalities among those qualities you listed above. In other words, as you look at the qualities that make certain travel experiences your favorites, what are the themes that really focus on the importance of travel to you in your life. At this point I don’t want to give you any more information that may influence you to come up with certain pre-determined answers. However, you will find as the course progresses that we will address several general qualities that attract people to travel. Keep in mind, of course that these will differ according to the individual.

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