Post a Ritual Discussion and to what religious tradition is the ritual associated with

For this week’s discussion assignment you need to research and post about a religious ritual. You can choose any ritual as long as it wasn’t covered in the modules or textbook or already posted by one of your classmates. This does not have to be the same ritual you choose for the ritual observation assignment (which will open next week).

I strongly recommend making an initial post early in the week calling dibs on the ritual you want to do so you don’t come back to post and find it is already taken! (The dibs post doesn’t count towards the three post minimum.) This also means you need to read other posts carefully.

Include in your post:

  1. The name of the ritual
  2. What religious tradition the ritual it is associated with
  3. A brief description of the ritual
  4. How the ritual would be classified using all three types of classifications discussed in the modules/textbook
  5. How the ritual links to worldview, myth and/or symbols (make sure to clearly label whichever of these you include!)

You don’t need to post a picture this time, but make sure to cite your sources and feel free to post a link to a video or pictures if you find them.