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Powerpoint Presentation - Freshman Essays

Powerpoint Presentation

-Brainstorm themes/ topics/ issues in todays current times that can parallel or conflict with another similar event in the past related to California history. Afterwards, settle on the theme/topic/ issue. The purpose of this assignment is for students to juxtapose “history” with current events.

-Pick a Youtube video or Documentary (1-2 minutes) related to the topic, which is: United Farm Workers Grape Strike in Delano

-Now provide a summary or background of that youtube video or documentary related to the topic of United Farm Workers Grape Strike in Delano (Research it)

-Next, find an historical event from the past related to California history and that has a connection or tie-in to the current topic. (In My personal opinion you can probably relate DACA to the current topic if you’d like)

-then, define the historical event. (this is where your research comes in)

-Now compare why this current event/theme/topic is similar or different from the historical past. For example, does it feel like history is repeating itself? how? or does it feel like the present is actually taking a different turn or change from the past? What can we learn from these two events separated by time and space?

-Then conclude and refer to your bibliography or works cited page (Note: please include works cited slide at the end of PP)

-The whole powerpoint should be in first person