Your group will create a visual presentation based on the fallacy you are assigned.

The recommended format for this presentation is Google Slides or Prezi since you

can collaborate online easily using these programs. You may also use Microsoft

PowerPoint, Sway, or any other presentation software, such as making a video.

You should consider spreading out the following elements over separate slides:

1) The name of the fallacy you have been assigned ( False/Weak Analogy (Logos) ) and all the group members’ names; (Name 1, Name 2, Name 3, Name 4) the course; (English 124) the instructor’s name; (Professor) and the semester (Spring 2018).

2) A brief definition of the fallacy in your group’s own words.

3) 3-4 examples of your fallacy (one per member of the group minimum).

a. At least one real-life example (TV shows, articles, political


b. At least one (hypothetical or real) example based on the topic of A.I.

4) Relevant visuals which enhance, not detract from, your presentation. (Video

clips, memes, political cartoons, commercials, etc.)

5) A Works Cited slide or section which lists all sources used for fallacy

examples, video clips, and/or images.