prospectus (first step on my dissertation) for a better paragraph structure

This is my dissertation prospectus and I need you to re-structure sentences that sounds better than my own. You do not need to write a paper. All you need to do is to re-structure sentences with “big words”. English is my second language and I need this work to sound professional. Also, I need you to follow the INSTRUCTIONS for this prospectus work according to the LITERATURE. I am providing you with the INSTRUCTIONS and the LITERATURE to be used on this assignment. This is not a dissertation! This is only the PROSPECTUS for the dissertation and it has parts that need to be followed correctly such as the INTRODUCTION, BACKGROUND OF THE PROBLEM and REVIEW OF THE lITERATURE, PROBLEM STATEMENT, RESEARCH QUESTION AND PHENOMENA, SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY, RATIONALE FOR METHODOLOGY, NATURE OF THE RESEARCH DESIGN FOR THE STUDY, PURPOSE OF THE STUDY, INSTRUMENTATION OR SOURCE OF DATA, DATA COLLECTION PROCEDURE, DATA ANALYSIS PROCEDURE, AND ETHICAL CONSIDERATION. These sections are all done and needs to be revised and changed to a better vocabulary and sentence structure to sound formal and scientific. As I said, I will provide you with the work I have so far, the Instructions for the prospectus assignment, the Literature I used for this assignment, and the PROSPECTUS TEMPLATE. Please communicate with me if you need any more information. The instructions for the assignment is self-explainatory. Please follow the PROSPECTUS TEMPLATE word document and the INSTRUCTION DETAILS for this assignment provided to you on word file. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THE REVISIONS FROM PRIOR EXERCISES REQUIRED BY THE ISNTRUCTIONS. I will provide you with the last revision of my instructor. LITERATURE REVIEW IS PRESENTED AND THE PAPER IS ALREADY WRITTEN (IN NEED OF REVISION AND VOCABULARY ENHACEMENT). I am using secondary data analysis which is the data analysis from an existing study which means that I will not have to collect my own data but to use data analysis from an existing study within the Literature I am providing you with (pdf files); the data from related studies from that list will be chosen and used to answer my research questions.