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provide interaction with concepts and furthering of the conversation - Freshman Essays

provide interaction with concepts and furthering of the conversation

STUDENT 1: Pears…

Microsoft Office Suite to me is one of the best tools you can use at home/school/work. There are so many features you can use that can help aide in refining one’s work. Microsoft word is what I used when sending out memo, personal or official correspondence and when writing report for school. I like using this program because of the auto correct feature and the thesaurus when I need to sound more professional or to find a word that would work with the statement I’m trying to write. The grammar correction or suggestions helps a lot too, when your sentence is not quite what it should be the program offers suggestions so that your sentence or paragraph will flow.

For someone with carpal tunnel syndrome it is harder for me to write than to type. I prefer to use the computer and write whatever I need to write. It is too painful for me to hand write so having access to Microsoft word and other programs is a huge help. Compared to handwriting, typing the information in Word helps me save paper when I make mistakes. If I notice a mistake on my paper I can easily erase the error or correct it without having to re-write the whole thing.

STUDENT 2:Jennifer

MS Word:

I would define MS Word as a software that allows you to create documents in a flexible format. It allows you to use spelling and grammar checks, to save your document, and to print it, in a professional looking manner. I use MS Word to write letters, memos, and sometimes business reports for my business writing class! I also use it to make lists; I make lists for just about everything! I also use MS Word to compose email, and then copy and paste the message into the email message. It is a very useful tool.

One useful feature about MS Word is using the keyboard shortcuts:

Shortcut: Result:

CTRL-A highlights the entire document

CTRL-C copies anything that is highlighted

CTRL-P allows you to print a document

CTRL-V pastes what you just copied

CTRL-X deletes and copies a highlighted section, to allow for pasting

And a really cool feature I recently discovered, if you would like this line to appear on your document,

Simply put the cursor where you want the line, type 3 dashes (—), hit enter, and voila! You have this cool line! Okay, maybe I’m easily impressed, but I found that little trick by accident!

These features of MS Word are very useful in creating documents. I like using the keyboard shortcuts whenever possible, so that I don’t have to interrupt the flow of writing by using the mouse.

Sometimes, however, MS Word can help too much. It has features built into it that autocorrect something, and sometimes it autocorrects something that didn’t need to be corrected!

Power Point:

This tool is used to create a visual presentation for the classroom and for the work environment. It is a way to express business concepts, or it can be used for training. Power Point has the same keyboard shortcuts as Word, which is also useful.

An interesting feature of Power Point is the ability to connect it to a projector or an external monitor for presentation. You can set up the presentation so that you can read notes that you’ve made, but your audience can only see the slide. It also has the ability to add animation.

Power Point has the same autocorrect feature as Word, which can be both good and bad. Another frustrating element of Power Point is that it is obsessed with bullet points. I like to use bullet points when they are useful, but Power Point will sometimes automatically put in bullet points even if you don’t want them. It can be painful to remove those bullet points, too.


Outlook is a suite of tools in a software package that helps you keep track of things. It has the options of email, personal contacts, calendar, and a to-do list. You can connect several devices to access the same information, such as your laptop, cell phone, and Kindle Fire, as I do. It makes for a convenient way to keep track of and view relevant information. With Outlook, you can also share things like a group mail box with your family or co-workers, assign tasks, set up reminders, categorize and organize messages, and a shared calendar.

I like creating and sorting folders in Outlook, and I like the different ways you can customize your viewing options. You can also assign pictures to identify your individual contacts and their information.

The frustrating element of Outlook, or any email for that matter, is the junk mail. Sometimes Outlook will automatically put your messages in the wrong folder.

These three tools combined have helped me keep track of and complete assignments for both school and work.