PSY 0913 NSU A case Study on Serial Killers

Each student is required to write and submit a Term Paper Abstract (see syllabus for details). The purpose of the abstract: 1) it will compel students to select and begin work on their papers midway through the course, and 2) it will enable the professor to provide feedback to students well before students submit their final paper. The Abstract should be at least six (6) sentences in length. The Abstract should be prepared on a Microsoft Word document using proper APA formatting and uploaded into Canvas by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on March 3, 2019.

Students are reminded to submit their assignments on time and to ensure they submit original work with proper APA reference citations, as required.

The term paper will require each student to demonstrate their knowledge and assimilation of profiling and behavioral analysis, as presented in the readings and lectures. these papers should synthesize major ideas and themes from this course and reflect critical analysis. for this project, students will choose a well-documented case study (e.g. serial killer, serial rapist, active shooter, hostage-taker, etc.) describe the background and facts of the case in detail; and then conduct an analysis of the case making sure to include aspects of physical and behavioral evidence, victimology, crime scene analysis, and offender characteristics. each student will also include a critical analysis and debriefing of the situation to include lessons learned and strategies to better manage similar situations in the future using profiling and behavioral analysis.

write one concise and succinct term paper 17-20 double spaced pages without going over 20 pages. (excluding title page, outline, and references) students should use at least 10 references (cannot use references from Wikipedia)

APA 6th edition formatting including double spacing, indentation of paragraphs, 12 point new times roman font one inch margins, and page numbers. students should also include a title page with their name. (My name: Cherry Permenter)

NOTE: I only need the abstract for Sunday the rest of the paper by APRIL 1ST.