PSY-832 Week 2 DQ 2 response to Daari Moore

Please provide a 250 word response to the below question using at least 1 cited article or journal and please reference in APA 6th edition format. Reference needs to be within response and at the end.

Organizational leadership to me is an organization ran by a leader who has a common goal in mind with this or her followers that can be achieved and advanced accordingly to their individual strengths. According to Fischer and Schultz (2016) as non conventional organizations grow, they become more hierarchical and less adaptive; thus, innovation and intrapreneurship suffer. A suggestive approach to organizational leadership is to add a covenantal approach to enhance organizational behavior and leadership (). This approach will add to organizational flexibility and adaptability to foster the ability for an organization to be creative and innovative by stimulating authorization to advance with the use of individual creativity and talents (Fischer, & Schultz, 2016). This makes the leadership and followers stronger (Fischer, & Schultz, 2016). A covenant is an agreement that has values and principles shared among two or more parties who are willing to commit to adhere to the responsibility of holding each other accountable in governing and protecting each one another ’s rights (Fischer, & Schultz, 2016).

Organization leadership can extend beyond the covenantal relationship as well. The area of education can benefit from an organizational leadership approach. The conceptual framework will take on an asset-based approach which highlights marginalized students, families, and communities as active participants and potential collaborators in systemic and school-change processes (Ishimaru, & Galloway, 2014). Organizational leadership is simply having a structure that is consistent in getting the desired goals met under a leader whose primary role is to advocate for the organization with the purpose of maintaining longevity. This leader works to get the most production done using the cooperative strength of individual employees who seek to help advance the organization be devoting their skills and talents (Fischer, & Schultz, 2016, Ishimaru, & Galloway, 2014).