PSY 832 Week 6 DQ 1 response to classmate Daari

Please provide a 250 word response to the below question using at least 1 cited article or journal and please reference in APA 6th edition format. Reference needs to be within response and at the end

The most effective way to avoid a culture that leads to a learning disabled organization is to identify its leader. When you identify its leader find out exactly what his or her intentions are for the betterment of the organization served. If his or her agenda is under the pretense of self-service or self-ideology then the leader must be removed for the sake of the organization. This is to be done because there are tendencies and habits being trickled down to its follows that is causing the organization to become disabled. The solution should have been a formulated check and balance system, so instead a team should be created.

Functional leadership is established when the leader recognizes that it is his or her responsibility to address needs that are not getting met for the group (Zaccaro, Rittman, & Marks, 2001). It is then the responsibility of the leader to correct or change past behaviors of prior leadership. The leader is to generate, plan, implement solutions to equip the team from problems that will slow down hinder, and impede the organization (Zaccaro, Rittman, & Marks, 2001).Furthermore, leaders have the responsibility of interpreting and defining environmental programming for their team. The leader should contribute to effective group performance by rendering or dictating performance requirements given by the group task, group environment, and possessions or attributes of the team as a whole and its individual members (Zaccaro, Rittman, & Marks, 2001).

Effective teams are those that are able to uphold high levels of cooperative performance, even as team and environmental conditions become distinctly confrontational (Zaccaro, Rittman, & Marks, 2001). Such high performance entails that teams develop customs and operational actions that encourage individual and collective flexibility and compliance (Zaccaro, Rittman, & Marks, 2001). When these requirements are met, the team has successfully changed a disabled learning organization into a learning-abled organization.