Psychological Disorders: Alzheimer’s powerpoint

Five (4-5) minute individual class presentation

MUST include the following:

• Oral Presentation in which students exhibit an understanding of their disorder and proper presentation techniques by not reading directly from their paper. o You may use a 4×6 index card § OR

o You can use your paper as a guideline but should not rely on the paper for direct reading

• Presentation should last approximately 4-5 mins (5 mins MAX)

• Your Presentation should include a summary of your paper and include a brief summary of your article findings

• You should be able to respond to questions about your presentation

• Refer to Grading Rubric to determine how your oral portion will be scored.

3. Visual/Activity to supplement Presentation (Show and TELL J)


• This should be presented AFTER your oral presentation; should not be used during your summary of paper.

o PowerPoint w/ Pictures etc

o Discussion panel/questions