Psychological Movie Review The Silence of the Lambs

MOVIE CHOSEN: The Silence of the Lambs

Psychological Movie Review (25 points)

Films often contain characters that exhibit psychological disorders and/or altered mental states. Your assignment is to:

  • Watch a popular film that depicts a character with some form of psychological disorder covered in this course.
  • Analyze how the content of the movie relates to course material on psychological disorders (see specific questions below).

Your report must be:

  • Typeset in Times or Times New Roman 12-point font
  • 1-inch margins all around
  • Submit to on the due date

After watching your movie, answer the following questions:

  1. What mental/psychological disorder is portrayed in the movie?
  2. How does the movie relate to the course material covered in class or in your textbook? Please discuss at least four specific scenes and clarify how the movie and course material are related. This should be the main part of your report. You may point out how the movie illustrated course material and/or how it was not in accordance with what you have learned in this class.
  3. Provide the full details of your diagnosis of the character, including the signs and symptoms apparent in the film, and relate them to the criteria for the disorder in the DSM-IV. This is similar to the previous question, but this is focusing on using the DSM-IV rather than course material.
  4. Discuss the best forms of treatment for this person and the prognosis.
  5. How has watching the movie contributed to your understanding of psychological disorders and their treatment? I don’t have to agree with your opinions, but you will be graded on showing an understanding of course material and the issues involved.