Psychological Torture child abuse

Overview of Research Paper: Students will write a research paper throughout this term. The paper is divided into four separate assignments to assist students with this process. In Week 2, students will select a topic that connects to psychology and the legal system. Students will complete an annotated bibliography in Week 4 with at least five academic sources. In Week 6 includes a detailed outline. Lastly, in Week 8 students will submit the final draft of their research paper.

Submit your final paper relating to a source topic of psychology and the law. Papers must have at least five sources from academic books or journal articles in APA format. Papers should be double spaced, with at least five pages of text (reference page and title page do not count as part of the page requirement).

Resources to consult:
Academic sources ~ Library journal articles, educational websites (.gov or .edu) and textbooks (for this class).

Specific questions or items to address:
Using the topic you selected in W2, as well as your annotated bibliography and outline, address your topic involving psychology and the law in a well-developed research paper.

Cover with five pages of content (not including title page or reference page). APA format, including title page, reference page, citations, third person language, double spacing, 12 point font and one-inch margins. Include five academic sources (journal articles, educational websites, such as .gov or .edu, and textbooks).