psychology lifespan

  1. Discuss each one of the parenting styles. What are short-term and long-term

consequences of each parenting style on the children? Which style did your

parents use? Do you agree with the research on parenting styles? Why or

why not?

  1. List at least 3 effective discipline techniques. What makes them so efficient? (also refer to your book). What steps can you

take to make sure that you never hit/abuse your child? Be specific.

  1. What is your birth order in your family? Read about birth order and apply it

to your life. Is it accurate? Why or why not? Does it apply to your siblings?

Explain. (use your book and/or other


  1. Are you a C.O.D. (child of divorce)? If so, discuss your experience. What

effect(s) do you feel your parent’s divorce had on you? What about your

siblings? How does your experience relate to what the book/research says

about divorce and children of divorce? If you are not a C.O.D., think of

someone you know who is a child of divorce. Relate what the book says

about divorce to the person you know.

  1. What happens to a child during Piaget’s Preoperational and Concrete

Operational Stages? Discuss in detail.