Psychology of exceptional child in Singapore

1500 words, apa style.

Individual Assignment/Essay (30%)

Assignment: Inclusion in Singapore Classrooms

Compulsory education was implemented in Singapore in 2003. While compulsory education is for typically developing children from 6 to 15, the Rights of the Child Act protects all children below 18 years old from any form of discrimination. Countries like the United States have laws in place to ensure that all children (both typical and with special needs) are equally treated when it comes to education.

For this assignment, you are required to write a paper demonstrating your understanding of how inclusion may influence the holistic development of children with special needs. In your paper you will:

 Briefly introduce what inclusion is.

Definition of inclusion.

Different types of inclusion (Full, partial etc) (From articles or internet)

 How do you think Singaporeans view special education and inclusion? Back up your response with evidence from articles, reports, or books.

Find recent newspaper articles on views on inclusion in Singapore.

(School setting, mainstream settings in the society/not able to walk the talk)

 Describe the issues faced in the SPED sector in Singapore. Compare and contrast these issues with the trends of another country of your choice.

Issues faced by students with special needs in school (bullying/academic/social skills)

Issues faced at home (Family support/finances/integrating into the society/jobs)

Choose another country (Australia/Hong Kong/US etc) and compare the SPED landscape there to Singapore (Which country is more inclusive? Provide examples)

 What are the new initiatives implemented to encourage inclusion in Singapore?

What are the recent movements implemented in Singapore? (Purple Parade etc. /Compulsory education for all individuals with special needs)

Collaboration with industries to open up job opportunities for individuals with disabilities? Inclusive preschool?

 Describe the impact of inclusion to children with special needs.

For this part, you can describe based on article findings and give examples of your own.

 What are your views about inclusion in Singapore? Why is inclusion feasible or not feasible for children with special needs? Justify your views.

Your own personal views.

Word Limit: 1500 words

Students are required to write in APA format.

You are required to use at least 3 sources from journals, textbooks, articles, etc.