Purdue I Hear America Singing Second Attempt Crossing Poem Comparison Essay

Write a 4 page essay draft in response to the prompt below. The first draft of this essay is graded either complete or incomplete — all workable drafts (an essay with multiple paragraphs in response to the prompt) submitted on time will receive a ‘complete’ grade; writers who submit unworkable essays (2 or fewer paragraphs, outlines, etc.), or essays of any type submitted late will receive a grade of ‘incomplete.’

ompare and contrast the speakers’ experiences of America in the poems by Javier Zamora(Second Attempt Crossing), Walt Whitman(I Hear America Singing), and Langston Hughes(harlem); in your analysis, include how diction, figurative language (if it is used), and the poem’s structure contribute to the experience/vision the poet depicts. Format your drafts in MLA style, (Links to an external site.)链接到外部网站。 including in-text citations and a Works Cited page for any borrowed information (including the poems you are analyzing).

do not copy from internet