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question on mythology - Freshman Essays

question on mythology

• For this assignment, you will create an original myth. Perhaps you want to write a creation or destruction myth involving gods or goddesses and the creatures they oversee. Or you may want to focus on the journey of a hero or the exploits of a trickster. The choice is up to you. Consider the questions above, and also consider addressing any of the insights noted in Thury, p. 13: historical, anthropolical, metaphysical, cosmological, aetiological, sociological, and psychological. You want to entertain, but more importantly, you want your myth to express something significant about the human experience. Be creative. You may want to choose an event or challenge in your life, and create a myth from that—or, your story can be completely fictional. But remember, tell us something significant about what it means to be alive, to think, to dream, to fear, to struggle, to triumph, to create, to destroy. • Your myth should be written in third person, and should contain at least 3 characters. Be sure to name all three and provide some sense of their personality, which will, of course, affect their actions. Again, all the details are up to you. • Whatever your plot is, all original myths should have the following basic structure (seen in classical Western narratives, and thus, in the literature and film of Western cultures.) One key to recognizing or using this structure is that based on the beginning, the end is often expected. (i.e.—Consider The Hunger Games. We know at the beginning that Katniss will probably survive, but how does she manage to do so?) It is the series of events and how they are presented that adds interest, tension, and unique qualities to the storyline: