Question ONE and Question TWO

THESE ARE TWO DIFFERENT questions so please read carefully and make sure your respond correctly and of course no plagiarism at all.

EACH question must be answer separate and do not mix other work with it please.

SEE THE attachment below to answer these questions and please look at the requirement carefully before you want to help

Question 1

Compare and contrast King Arthur to Sir Lancelot in a micro-essay of at least 250 words. What are the differences in their character and personal qualities that make them different and yet alike at the same time?

Question 2

The “Second Shepherd’s Play is a mystery (mystere) play that was part of a cycle of Catholic liturgical dramas in medieval England and France that were designed to both entertain and provide biblical instruction to their audiences. Often these plays were performed as part of religious festivals and holidays.

Argue in an essay of 250 words how you believe the play combines entertaining aspects with biblical teaching. In-text cite at least two lines or passages of dialog from the play to support the credibility of your critical claims.