Questions about Ancient World and Medieval West

Can you write essay responses the questions below in the form of short essays (approx. 750 words each) ?

1. Ancient World: Identify how the cultures of the ancient Western World (for our purposes, Mesopotamia, Greece, and Rome) shaped Western forms of government, society, and religion and explain what impact these contributions had in the development of a “Western Civilization.”

2. Medieval West: Discuss the two major institutions of the medieval West: the Church and the King/government. How were their roles different in the medieval West? In what ways were their roles similar? How did these two institutions benefit each other?

The criteria:


“Roadmap” Must tell me what you’re discussing in the essay.

Thesis Statements-10%

Single statement laying out the argument or main point of each of the essays. Should be

obvious to reader.

Primary Source Evidence-15%
Use primary-source documents listed on the syllabus and used in lectures to support your arguments.

Secondary Source Evidence-25%

Must include and use a secondary source (textbook, reputable website, database

information) to support your ideas.


Correct and consistent citations of ALL materials used (both paraphrasing and direct



Tells the reader what you’ve argued and how you’ve proven your point

Accuracy, Organization & Style -20%

Information is correct. Command of course information and readings should be evident.

Proofread. Formal.

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