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Chapter 5 – Separate and Together: Life in Groups; McDonaldization of Society

Your text briefly discusses The McDonaldization of Society. This idea is an extension of Max Weber’s rationality of society – emphasis on results.

McDonaldization, as defined by George Ritzer (who is heavily influenced by Max Weber), is a form of rationalization. The McDonalization of society means the standardization of everyday life. Specifically it refers to the spread of the principles of fast food restaurants, such as efficiency,predictability, calculability, and control to all spheres of life. As bureaucracy moves into almost all aspects of life, it becomes increasingly difficult to find a place where rationality and efficiency are not dominating our lives.

The link below is an excerpt from George Ritzer’s book, The McDonaldization of Society. As you read it, can you think of other aspects of life that have become McDonaldlized? Is this a good thing? Have we gone too far? (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.


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1.As I read this article one thing that comes to mind that has been McDonaldized is getting a Christmas tree. When I was younger my mom always used to go to a tree lot a pick out a real tree and bring it home. Getting a real tree does take a lot of time and care and it is expensive in the long run. Having a real tree just makes everything feel more special because you have that tree scent in your house and they are way nicer then fake trees. As I got older my mom made the decision to get a fake tree because it would save us money, time, and it would be easy to clean up. This is something that is Mcdonaldized and I didn’t even realize it. Although I would like a real tree I don’t mind having a fake tree. I do realize that it would save us money in the long run and it is so much easier to put up and put away. I personally do not think it’s a bad thing. If McDonalds was my own company I would want the best for my company. I cannot say that I wouldn’t run my business the way McDonalds runs theirs if it makes me more money. I feel like as a consumer if you have a problem with the way McDonalds runs their company then just don’t buy McDonalds, its that simple! Everyone is aware that McDonalds is unhealthy and its processed food that the workers just pop in the microwave. They even have a documentary on how unhealthy it is called super size me. It only affects your life if you let it, that’s the way I look at things. You can’t stop a multi-million dollar making company from running their business the way they see is most efficient. If you think the way they run their business has gone to far go to the grocery store and buy your own produce to make your own food. I know that McDonalds is bad because of how they run their business which shows in the way they make their food but in the end of the day I’m still going to pull up to the drive through and order some chicken nuggets and fries. That’s just my own opinion though, to each his own!

2.Reading the article about Mcdonaldization was very interesting as it made me really try to go in depth of what else could possibly be Mcdonaldized. One aspect that came to my mind is a salad bar. A salad bar is offered at many restaurants where you are able to make your own salads or soups. My mom has always been a huge fan of going to a salad bar because she got to choose what she wanted on her own. Now, with a salad bar you just get up and grab your own plate and go make your own salad. This is suppose to be very efficient for the restaurant itself, but is actually more work for the consumer. And what I mean by this is you basically have to pay for the privilege to make your own salad. This is something I did not know that was Mcdonaldized I personally don’t think that this is a very serious situation. Everyone has their own preferences and if this information is something that upsets you, for paying to make your own plate or salad then you have the choice to go eat there or not. There are some companies that i do not agree with such as Mcdonalds, but society these days don’t care what they put in their mouth and that is why no matter what these fast food restaurants are and always will be successful. But with the salad bar situation, consumers are forced to deal with salad bars not people, and this is training the workers to be better workers for the McDonaldized society.