Questions for group tutorial from chepter 10 of policy and practice?

Roughly, everyone will be asked about 5-7 questions • Ideally: two from the content questions and three from the significance/ interpretation questions • You will have about two minutes to answer each question. It’s a good idea to practice and time yourself. • Depending on time, at the end of each of the two sections (content and significance/interpretation) and after everyone has answered at least two to three questions from the section, I will open it up for a few minutes to ask if anyone wants to add anything further from that section, or build from something someone else had mentioned. SOWK 312 36 Tutorials:

Content Questions • What is the purpose and rationale of the reading?

• What kind of methodology and approach to analysis were utilized in this reading? •

What are the main findings outlined in the reading? •

What are the main conclusions made by the authors?

• How are the conclusions supported by the evidence examined in the reading?

: Significance and Interpretation Questions

• How are the purpose and findings in the reading significant to our knowledge about social policy?

• Is the purpose of the reading worthy? Why or why not?

• How does the reading support the argument for greater inclusion of service users’ participation in the development and evaluation of social programs and policies?

• How does the reading relate to particular concepts addressed elsewhere in other assigned readings? SOWK 312 38 Tutorials: Significance and Interpretation Questions

• How does the reading support or challenge ideas or positions presented elsewhere in other assigned readings?

•Given the main points addressed in the assigned reading, what are the implications for social work policy practice?

•What questions would you ask the authors to gain a better understanding of the findings?

•What other policy research questions should be asked given these findings and conclusions?