race, nation, ability, culture, sexuality,

Diversity among people across race, nation, ability, culture, sexuality, religion, and class background is infinite. This assignment is aimed at broadening your understanding of other cultures and identities, as well as, to examine another’s experience of racism, sexism, heterosexism, classism, etc., all major concepts explored in this course. For this assignment, you will interview someone (not another member of this class) from a race other than your own and different from you in at least one additional social category (class, sexuality, gender, generation, etc.) For example, you might interview someone from a different race & class background or from another race & sexuality. Additionally, you will explore the interviewee’s experience with an individual in a helping profession (therapist, doctor, social worker, case manager, nurse, etc.) who is of a different race and/or culture than their own. You will examine the interviewee’s perception of how “culturally competent” the professional was, if they were considerate of the interviewee’s cultural practices and norms, and how the difference in culture and background may have impacted the relationship between interviewee and professional.

You will be provided with a basic set of questions to ask during the interview and will need to create at least five questions of your own based on your interests and knowledge of course topics. You may change the name of the interviewee at their request. You will submit a transcript of the interview and write a 1 ½ -2 page reflection on the interview’s content and what you have learned from the experience.