Raising Awareness essay

Please submit your 300-350 word Raising Awareness essay here

In your essay, your task is to inform (from your investigation, knowledge and point of view) and raise consciousness (alert) among people, choosing a topic that you want everyone to be aware of.

Examples are:

Global Warming – is it our fault that our planet is dying or a natural course of existance

Cryonics – is it worth it to disturb the body, to wait so long?

Autism, myths and realities – how to help parents with autistic children? tips, right schools, early treatments and support, preventing mistakes

Alzheimer’s Disease, how to care and support a relative suffering from AD

Smoking – A pleasure or a death sentence- although everyone knows the dangers of smoking, why do people continue buying cigarettes

Eye Surgery to improve your vision – How has this surgery improved since its beginnings? who is an ideal candidate for it?

Organ trafficking – cases and outcomes; prevention and stats

Bullying – what makes a kid bully another one; what makes a kid want to commit suicide

Anorexia and Bulimia – is it related to self esteem, family issues or problem brought from birth

Child pornography – in 2017 why does this still exist? Is it worst than before or it’s less, only that before cases were known of as easily

Human trafficking – how to prevent it, avoid it and fight it

Euthanasia – is it killing or mercy

Future Moon Travels -should man continue to explore beyond Earth

NASA’s latest developments and findings – what do they know that we don’t know

Should the general public know about alien investigations currently taking place among scholars in the world

Online education vs on site education – benefits and downfalls of both approaches