Rasmussen College Mod4 Positive Teaching Strategies Written Assignment

In the Positive Teaching Strategies lecture, you learned about how positive teaching strategies can promote positive self-esteem in young children. In this assignment, you will explore several of those strategies in more detail.

To complete this assignment, select 7 of the 10 positive teaching strategies espoused by NAEYC that you want to focus on in this assignment

The 7 strategies you chose

The age group you work with most often (or would most like to work with)

An example of how you much implement each of your chosen strategies for the age group you selected

What you would say to the children

How that teaching strategy promotes self-esteem

How you would adapt the strategy (and what you would say to the children) for one other age group

Download the Module 04 Written Assignment template

Following is an example for someone who most often works with 5 year old children.