rate myself

Fir this assignment you will respond to the following with 150 words:

well if I had to rate my self on an autonomy scale it will be a 7 . As for automony I believe it is very valuable because it give a sense of identity of who you are because of the decision that you make in life . For example I could make my own decision of what i want to be in life , like go to college and pursue a education or work hard labor until i retire . As we age we achieve a different degree of automony . For example when I was little boy my parents mad my own decision like going to church, what to wear and what food to eat . But now as I got older the degree of autonomy achievable is high because i could make my own decision like for example what church i want go to , what kind of clothes i want to wear and what morals to believe .Now I have the power to decide for my self .