Read and response

Read the article “Why privacy Matters” and answer the following questions in simple English (My first language is not English)

Article is the file uploaded.

  1. Using between four and eight words, create a hashtag that best represents the main point (or thesis) of the article. (Example: #gettingthemainideainsevenwords)
  2. Select one point or evidence that the author includes in the text. Do you agree or disagree with this point? Why or why not?
  3. Create two analytical questions that further our understanding of the text. An analytical question…
    • is not easily answered by “yes” or “no.” Instead, it leads to higher order thinking (analysis, synthesis, comparison, evaluation) about the work and the issue it raises.
    • calls for more than simply recalling facts or guesses what the instructor wants to know, but are open-ended, leading to a variety of responses.depends on a careful reading of the text. (They might cite particular sections/quotes from the text).
    • are simply and clearly stated. They do not need to be repeated or reworded to be understood.
    • make (and challenge) connections between the text at issue and other works, themes, or issues discussed in class (Plagiarism,Education)