Read my essay first and help me write an introduction and a conclusion of it

My Requests:

1. * Introduction

1.Opener (Quotation, General observation about life that applies to your thesis)

2.Transition (explain what quotation means, or say more about generalization)

3.Application (Name the topic you are discussing, the titles and authors of the three works, and suggest why the opener and transition connect with topic)

4.Thesis: Three works of literature to be compared/contrasted + the main point

2. * Conclusion (#1 required somewhere in the conclusion; mix and match the others)

1. RESTATE (do not repeat) Thesis

2. Explain what writer, reader, or character(s) have learned

3. Invite your readers to join you in some sort of response to what has been learned.

3. *Use the form I give me, finish the whole form.