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The book you need to read page 11 on is Blanco, José, et al.

Vistas: Introducción a la lengua española

. 5th Ed. Boston: Vista Higher Learning,


“The function of the Plaza in Hispanic Society”

You have read the introduction to the lesson in the section of the module about “La plaza”. You will also need to go to your textbook Vistas or Vtext in your Supersite and read “La plaza principal” on page 11. After you have read the page, read the article “The plaza: A place of encounter” by clicking this url: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and read about the renovation of the plaza in Ecuador. Learn as much as you can about the function of the plaza.

Finally, you will be ready for your next discussion post. Based on your understanding of the readings, write a paragraph in English in which you explain the function of the plaza in Hispanic society today. As you answer, include the following information according to the texts that you read:

  1. What are 3 types of buildings that you can find in the plaza?
  2. What are two types of events or activities that are common at a plaza principal?
  3. According to the reading, why is the revitalization of a plaza important?
  4. How can urban growth negatively affect the traditional function of a plaza?
  5. Do you know of a plaza in Los Angeles or in your community? How do city dwellers use it? Explain this part in your opinion.

Your answer needs to be written in one paragraph (100 words), with a topic sentence, and must include answers to the 5 questions above. If you need to use a quote, include “quotation marks” and include a citation in parenthesis (author name, name of text or website you got it, and page number) according to MLA Style.Finally, please make sure to check your spelling and punctuation. You will be graded based on your content and grammar. The grade will be based on a 5 points as follows:


5 pts. Excellent answer with at least 5 answers without mistakes in Grammar/ Vocabulary/ Spelling/Punctuation

4 pts. Very good but only answers 4 questions and/or has 1-2 mistakes in Grammar/ Vocabulary/ Spelling/Punctuation

3 pts. Good answer but only answers 3 questions has 3 mistakes in Grammar/ Vocabulary/ Spelling/Punctuation

2 pts. Below passing; only answers 2 questions has 4 mistakes in Grammar/ Vocabulary/ Spelling/Punctuation

1 pt. Needs improvement; only provides 1 answer and/or has 5 or more mistakes in Grammar/ Vocabulary/ Spelling/Punctuation