Reading Response

Writing a 250 words reading response base on the following readings or videos.

): Ed Keller: DESIGN and NATURE lecture

Cities, technology, architecture, networks, shadow ecologies. The interface.

“What will these emerging forms of hybrid media do to individual and collective agency, to the concept of a common that exists at a global scale? Massively open datascapes, techniques of encryption, of datamining, of disinformation, are transforming the nature of the citizen/agent. These changes are taking place so rapidly that most of us do not notice, as the consequences of ubiquitous computation and communication have so deeply penetrated our daily lives, rendering us ever more as ‘naked life’ in the global theatre. Unanticipated forms of transparency become the rule rather than the exception.” Ed Keller

Sadie Plant- foreword to The Spam Book
Mark Wigley_ Network Fever
[pdf in google drive, ]

Parikka and Sampson- Intro to The Spam Book
[pdf in google drive, D4TC readings 2016 ]


Koyaanisqatsi, Reggio