reflection paper

Reflection Paper

Due at the end of Week 8 of the course, student will submit a Reflection Paper, addressing the following topics:

-What did you learn from the course that was not expected?

– I learned how to debate positions on topics that were not my original position. being able to provide a “no’ stance when I believed it was a “Yes’

-What do you feel this course has prepared you for in terms of graduate study in Psychology?

This course has gave me a better knowledge of how to review literature and scholarly peer relied articles for my research.

-What are some areas of Psychology that you feel more/less intrigued by after this course?

I am more intrigued by health psychology and working in a health care setting.

-What area of Psychology do you feel will be the most challenging for you as you go through the Master’s Program?

I believe experimental psychology would be the most challenging field.

-What would you suggest as improvement for the course?

I would suggest a paper due every other week instead of a weekly paper assignment.

-What did you like about the course?

I liked that we were able to learn about different fields psychology and gain a better understanding of what they do.

the course is orientation to graduate learning in psychology. during the course we had several debates on the following topics:

ia adhd a real disorder?

Are violent video games harmful to children and adolescents?

is psychology a science?

is evolution good example for psychological concepts?

Was milgrams study of disobedience unethical?

we had two paper that went over each filed pf psychology and had to research what they do,how much they make,what work settings they working etc.

finally, we had three literature review papers throughout the course and had to summarize a peer reviewed scholarly article on a certain topic.

please let me know if you. need any more information!