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Regarding the Plessy decision Justice Brown's decision - Freshman Essays

Regarding the Plessy decision Justice Brown’s decision

Regarding the Plessy decision, Justice Brown’s decision noted that Plessy’s argument assumed “that social prejudices may be overcome by legislation, and that equal rights cannot be secured to the negro except by an enforced commingling of the two races.” In contrast, he argued that “[I]f the two races are to meet upon terms of social equality, it must be the result of natural affinities, a mutual appreciation of each other’s merits and a voluntary consent of individuals.”

Do you agree with Justice Brown that eliminating racial prejudice must come from the “voluntary consent of individuals,” and not through laws that “force” the races together? If you agree, but also believe that his decision in Plessy was wrong, how are your beliefs different from his? If you disagree with Justice Brown’s argument, how would you respond to the claim that laws attempting to force people to change their beliefs can instead create resentment that government has no business telling people what to believe or how to behave?

Address these large issues in a 3-4 page essay, which you can upload here, email as an attachment, or print out and submit in class on its due date.

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