reinforcing positive health behaviors

his week, you explored how the media conveys health information. At times, media may create and reinforce negative health behaviors. However, media coverage may entail social norming, which might also create a healthful climate and reinforce health behaviors. Many successful health marketing campaigns have used social norming to effectively provide cues to action and to make the population aware of true health behavior trends.

For example, on many college campuses, binge drinking awareness campaigns focus on addressing preventative measures for the percentage of students who do not engage in regular binge drinking. In much the same way, bicycle safety campaigns that are aired during afternoon cartoons focus on reinforcing positive health behaviors in children such as wearing a safety helmet and pads when riding a bicycle.

For this Assignment, review the Berkowitz article provided in this week’s resources. Think about how social norming might be used in a positive way to promote healthy behaviors. Reflect on social norming might be used to address fear appeals in the media.

The Assignment: (3–4 pages)