rel212 week 6 discussion

his discussion is divided up ALPHABETICALLY, that is, which of the following questions you discuss in your INITIAL POST depends on where your last name comes in the alphabet.You may reply to the posts of other students in either question set.

As the oldest of the three major Western monotheistic religious traditions, Judaism has an extensive history dating back to the early Second Millennium BCE. The Hebrew Bible provides a detailed history of ancient Israel, and includes a cosmogony in the early chapters of the Book of Genesis. In the following questions ( using textbook and other resources), consider the two following core concepts as you consider and develop your responses: 1) the enhancement and affirmation of life and 2) the meaning and purpose of life.

A- L discusses the following:

1) What are the two basic contexts for considering the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:1-17 – Fisher, p. 255) in terms of God, human relationships and ethical behavior? What barriers (if any) can you cite that might prevent an individual from obeying the Ten Commandments? Do you see the Ten Commandments as restrictive or liberating and why?