Research about a sociologist

The sociologist name is : Sari Hanafi.

  • Conduct library research about your chosen example to understand this public sociologists’ contribution to the discipline of sociology, and his or her efforts to bring these insights into the public domain.
  • Write a 1000 word research report analyzing your case of public sociology, responding to the questions listed , and discussing the potential for public sociology to make important contributions for positive social change. Include a description of your search process as an appendix to the paper. Be sure to cite your sources properly, using the ASA format in the text of your report as well as to generate a list of works cited[ii].
  • Describe the public work of this sociologist.
  • What sociological concepts and theories does s/he use to illustrate their work?
  • To whom is this sociologist talking (their public)? Locate any press coverage that enables you to assess how this work was received.

I collected a couple sources that you can use : and use at least 4 resources.…