Research methods : article critique

Article Critiques – Using the tools of evaluation and analysis you learn throughout the course, you will critique three assigned articles. You will put your critiques of the articles into a paper of no more than two single-spaced pages which will be due before class on Monday 16 October (Laver et al – Article Critique #2). There is a worksheet available to you on Blackboard that should assist you in organizing your thoughts. A good article critique will provide a brief summary of the article, mention explicitly the article’s methodological and analytical strengths and weaknesses, and suggest possible improvements with an explanation. when writing Article Critique #2 look at data collection techniques

Required Texts: (B) Bernard, Russell. Research Methods in Anthropology (5th ed).

I attacked the article, a worksheet peovided by the professor for the article critique and some powerpoint notes from the class

Please followmthe worksheet

It doesn’t have to be 2 pages but it have to meet all the requirements