Research paper ( 6-8 pages)- An effective leader

Choose an effective leader from within a well-known organization or throughout history.

The research paper will demonstrate knowledge of what made the leader successful.

How did they address diversity? Productivity? What was their strategy to embody effective leadership?

Research paper should be 6-8 pages in length and should follow APA format.

An abstract is not needed for this assignment.

View the following Rubric:


19 (19%) – 20 (20%)

-Reveals a solid understanding of the proposed topic as evidenced by research and knowledge. -Clear understanding and proper use of relevant material.


19 (19%) – 20 (20%)

Well-developed paragraphs. Sequencing enhances ideas and meaning. Ideas focused on central theme.


19 (19%) – 20 (20%)

Ideas focus on the central theme. All ideas are clearly presented and unified.

Quality Writing

19 (19%) – 20 (20%)

-Well written -Grammatically sound -Meticulously follows assignment writing guidelines

APA Style

19 (19%) – 20 (20%)

No errors noted.