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Research Paper, Question Listed Below? - Freshman Essays

Research Paper, Question Listed Below?

In 4-6 pages, PLUS a cover page AND a reference page, write an APA formatted research paper on Race/Ethnic/Gender/Sexuality relations in the United States.

We live in an ever-changing world, and our experiences define and shape how we see the world. This paper gives students an opportunity to express how they view/see the world and the roles their disciplinary knowledge will play in addressing this major issue in the world we exist within.IN order to create a comprehensive paper about the state of race/ethnic/gender/sexuality in the U.S., you are to identify the TWO main disciplinary knowledge bases that you would use to examine, discuss, address, question, evaluate and synthesize this vast issue. These relations are complex, multi-layered and long-standing, therefore it identifies as an interdisciplinary issue.

In order to begin to tackle this issue, do the following:

Choose ONE of the issues (race OR gender OR sexuality OR ethnicity); choose TWO disciplines that you feel best tackle this issue AND define the disciplines, provide EACH discipline’s PERSPECTIVE on the issue, and WHY you feel these two disciplines are best to address. This paper does call for your own EDUCATED perspective as an interdisciplinarian, demonstrate your individuality and uniqueness, but support it with documented research from credible sources. Pull from interdisciplinary theories as well as the knowledge bases from other INT courses that support this topic. Other questions to address in the paper include: (a) what is the definition of race, ethnicity, gender or sexuality? Document a credible source as the definition you use; (b) what is the state of race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender relations in the U.S.–include your opinion SUPPORTED by documented research/evidence; (c) why do you think race, ethnic, gender, sexuality relations are the way they currently are (contextualize the issue–consider social, historical, political, religious implications/reasons); (d) should we as a nation try to fix the current race, ethnic, gender, sexuality relations? (e) who needs to be involved in this attempt to fix? (f) if we change the current state of race, ethnic, sexuality, gender relations who would it benefit? how would society change? who has the power to create this change?

Answer the questions above PLUS include your own analysis. Consider the various interdisciplinary theoretical approaches (i.e., common ground theory, perspective-taking, integrative, etc.) and apply one to your paper. PROOFREAD for clarity of thought, spelling, grammar, APA format (cover page, headers, page numbers, in-text citations, references, etc.)