Respectfully agree or disagree to a post by connecting it to reality


  • Respectfully agree or disagree to a post by connecting it to reality, and
  • Do this by sharing a news article and make a clear connection to the claim made by the original author.

student post:

In a country so divide, and the uprise of Microaggressions that erupted on many colleges campuses in the recent years, is transition in time or cultural change to blame? In the Journal article “Microaggression and Moral Cultures,” by Bradley Campbell and Jason Manning describe how we’re living in a new cultural era of victimhood. Furthermore, how Western societies transition away from cultures of honor (Person’s reputation that makes one honorable or not) to cultures of dignity in the 18th and 19th centuries (where people assume to have dignity and don’t need to earn it) and that’s what we’re seeing now the rise of a culture of victimhood.

“The prevailing cultures in the modern west is one whose moral code is nearly the exact opposite of that of an honor culture. Rather than honor, a status based primarily on public opinion, people are said to have dignity, a kind of inherent worth that cannot be alienated by others (Berger 1970; see also Leung and Cohen 2011). The culture of victimhood is more predominant on college campuses where many students regardless of race or gender complain about microaggression. This is where Campbell and Bradley mention how “people increasingly demand help from others, and advertise their oppression as evidence that they deserve repeat and assistance.”

“Future Shock” by Alvin Toffle relates how time and the future is coming at people so quick, we’re all in a state of shock from dealing with change. Toffle makes predictions about cultural shock and trends that society may face in the future. The idea of ” The unprepared visitor” in Chapter 1 (Part one) is the motion that culture shock is the effect that immersion in a strange culture has on the unprepared visitor. Furthermore, it accounts for the bias, frustrations, and disorientation when dealing with other societies. The breakdown in communication it causes, and not wanting to face the realization that the cultures of victimhood and micro aggression do exist. The idea of “The Flow of Situation ” is the motion our society is changing with time. “In our society at present, the natural course of events is precisely that rate of change.”

In conclusion the authors of both articles “Microaggression and Moral Cultures” and “Future shock” connect cultural societies to the basic outcome of time and change. How “Future shock “social media has a tremendous impact on our culture. It’s influences the culture of public opinion as Campbell and Manning would put it.

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