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STUDENT 1: Vicky

Business documents are created with the sole purpose of putting out information to one or multiple individuals. The organization and structure of it should be the writer’s first thought. I always organize things in my head before actually writing them out. I consider who I am writing to and that determine what heading I use. Next, I think about what information I want to include. This helps me develop a layout and format. I then decide on how I will present the information. Will I use bullets, list the information, or number my thoughts in order of importance? If my document is a PowerPoint Presentation, I utilize the same thought process but create the presentation including pictures, symbols, graphs and charts if necessary. Presentations is a visual way to put out information, therefore, my core thought shifts to keeping my audience stimulated visually.

I am big on using pictures to get my point across but including pictures even on PowerPoint Presentations has proven to be difficult for me in the past. The size of the inserted picture or file type needs to be exact, otherwise it will be time-consuming adjusting the settings so it can fit. I am often tasked to give training on different things at work. In preparing presentations for my training, I normally try to include an ice breaker in the beginning to lighten up the mood. Including jokes is a great way to break the ice but finding the perfect emojis or graphics is not always easy.


When I’m writing emails at work to members the structure of the email is usually the same. I start off with that person’s name, and then may ask how they are doing, and then ask the reason why I’m contacting them. Then finally I would give them the information so they will be able to contact me. I would thank them and end the email with my name. I would organize my information from the beginning of the event all the way until the ending of the event by calendar date. If I were to organize information and wanted reader to “get” it, I would put the valuable information in quotes or bolded. Depending on how your information gets presented will determine how the order of the information or the storyline plays out.

I would like to use Quicken Software for all my company’s accounting needs instead of the recreating templet software that my business provides. Because Quicken software is equipped with many more useful tools. To be innovated with visual appeal while using information Microsoft PowerPoint presentation is a great tool to use to deliver a message effectively. For example, in the restaurant industry one statement that ought to be revised to make that statement sound more elite would be “the soup of the day” can be revised to say “la soupe du jour.”