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respond to discussion - Freshman Essays

respond to discussion

I want you to respond to this in 50 to 100 words.


Online piracy is one of those topics that can go either way from person to person. However, I decided to look at the situation from more of a statistical standpoint. According to the article “Online Piracy in Numbers – Facts and Statistics”, 22% of all internet bandwidth worldwide is used for illegal downloads. That is almost a quarter of all internet use. This is a percentage that can’t be ignored and very clearly is a common practice among internet users. It has become acceptable to pirate copyrighted content since not much punishment is ever given. The article states that $12.5 billion in economic losses result in the music industry each year since 95% of music downloaded is illegal. These statistics are hard to ignore the serious problem that this form of unpunished online piracy has created. Looking at the statistics, it seems wrong for their to be a global theft of copyrighted material, whose creators are not reaping the rewards of their art, at such a grand scale. Now-a-days, online piracy is even less excusable since their is a plethora of music streaming services for less that $10 a month that contain basically any song any listener can request. Instead of paying for each individual song or album, music listeners can subscribe to music services such as Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music to stream whatever they want, making it cheap to listen to music instead of stealing.