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Cesar Fuentes
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American revolution
Political science 1

Revolution in America was a colonial rebellion war against Britain that happened between 1765 and 1783.Britain felt themselves superior over their colonies and they felt in themselves that they should do what they thought best to stamp their rule. The American patriots formed an alliance with France, Spain and the Dutch and fought the British and the American loyalists that preferred to be under British rule in a war known as the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783) in which they won. Thirteen of the American colonies that resisted British rule went ahead to form the Provincial Congress that assumed power from their colonial masters and suppressed Loyalism and went ahead to build a Continental Army under the leadership of General George Washington who later became American’s first president. Major causes that led to the revolution were such as taxation without representation, America’s independent way of thinking, economic problems, corruption and control, the criminal justice system, Boston Port Act, growing unity of the colonies etc. The points are discussed below.
Taxation without representation. The Americans colonies rejected the authority of the British parliament to tax them because they lacked members in the governing bodies. Britain collected high taxes from the American people and yet they denied them room for leadership positions in the British Parliament. The Americans felt that if only they had representatives in the colonial governments, they would be able to air their grievances to the colonial masters more easily whenever they felt the colonial rules were pressing them hard. However, when the Americans were allowed to choose their representatives in the British parliaments, the British authorities did not give heed to their say and they treated the representatives as tools of suspicion who could cause a stir in their colonial leadership .This lead to a revolution.
America’s independent way of thinking. The 18th century dawned to many Americans as the period of enlightment.Many American philosophers began to question the politics of the government. This brought about the republican ideology that stood up in opposition of the unfair treatment. The Americans believed that all men are created equal and the king had no divine rule. This way of thinking was a wakeup call for many and together they rallied against the British rule that seemed to be deeming the Americans as an inferior race.
Economic problems. The French and Indian war led to a considerable drift in the British government economy. The British needed money to sustain the war and also pay the British troops involved in the war. To achieve this, the British government resolved to induce new taxes to the colonists and increased the trade regulations. The British issued the Currency Act that prohibited the printing of money in the colonies thus making businesses rely on the already crippled British economy. This led to the colonies to revolt against this new taxes and trade regulations in a bid to achieve economic independence.
Corruption and Control. British soldiers were given more control over the colonists and this gave birth to increased corruption cases. The British soldiers had the rights to control the trade system and they were allowed to search and seize any product that was deemed as illegal or smuggled. With so much authority invested in them, the British soldiers abused their power and went ahead to harass their colonial agents in every way they could. This created unease feelings in the Americans thus a cause of the revolution/
The Criminal Justice System.Britsh soldiers especially those involved in the Boston Massacre were acquitted under unclear circumstances and this was least expected by the colonies.Britsh government took upon themselves to always rule in favour of their own people. They also changed rules whereby officers accused of any offences in the colonies would be sent to England for trial. This gave room for fewer witnesses to give account of events in the British courts and this led to fewer convictions.Britsh government was also known to bribe judges so that they could rule in favour of their involved parties. The right to a fair jury led the colonies to revolt against the British rule
Boston port Act. One of the intolerable Acts was the Boston Port Act which shut down the port of Boston for trade. British ships blockaded Boston Harbor, punishing everyone who lived in Boston, both patriots and loyalists. This angered not only people in Boston, but also people in other colonies who were afraid that the same would be done to them.
Growing unity of the colonies. As British rules and taxation policies became more intolerable, the American colonies realized that they all faced a common enemy that had to be fought and resisted. More colonies joined the Son of Liberty organization and this gave them more power to fight the British rule. As the adage goes, united we stand and divided we fall, the colonies joined hands and this proved hard for the British government to continue its colonization activities in America.
With the above examples given, we now get to know the main causes that lead to the American Revolution as clearly shown.

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Once again, great abstract! I’m understanding it better in your forum than in these 2 chapters! Kidding, not kidding. Question: is your major political science or is it just a passion? Anyway, agree with all your points, and please, keep writing and clarifying your points! It really is helpful reading it in layman’s terms!

I also want to ask: do you see any similarities in the causes of the American Revolution, and the unjust system Britain had initially started compared with our justice system today?