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responding to a paragraph Reflection - Freshman Essays

responding to a paragraph Reflection

these are 2 paragraphs reflections i need please a respond for each one so each respond must be 180 words

The first one :

The information that really surprised me in this chapter was the information about modern racism and discrimination. African American discrimination has decreased since the 1600s, however it is sad that there is still much African American discrimination today. As mentioned in the book, white people often do not realize when they are being discriminatory toward African Americans! In a national survey of whites, 71% said that they felt that African Americans have the same opportunities as whites. African Americans are discriminated against in many different ways, whether people realize it or not. For example, they are not referred the same medical treatment as whites. They are not as easily accepted into universities. They are disciminated against in the workplace. In my opinion, these are not issues that we should have today. White people should attempt to put themselves in black people’s shoes when it comes to employment, education, housing etc. When you ask a white man if he is a racist, he often does not admit it, yet he still says racist things. White people often do not realize when they are being racist, and this class has opened my eyes to racism that didn’t seem as evident beforehand.

The Second one :

While reading this chapter, there are two things that stood out to me: the Pseudoscience of intelligence testing, and racial profiling.

Pseudoscience of intelligence testing was used as a means to differentiate genetics among black and white groups based on IQ (Feagin 173). It was also suggested by Buchanan to Nixon that this test be used as a way to cut certain government support programs; however, social psychologist, in the 1930s, began questioning whether or not the results of this test could be used to differentiate groups (Feagin 174). This test reminded me of the intelligence test I learned about in my Political Science class that was forced upon black male voters in the 1950s and 1960s in states such as Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi. The test was designed to purposely confuse the applicant and cause him to fail, ultimately not allowing him to vote. It is unfortunate that tests like these, although they clearly don’t measure the ability of a human being, were used to weed out programs and differentiate groups.

It is evident that racial discrimination is still an issue in this day in age, e.g., recent protests regarding “Black Lives Matter” and “Blue Lives Matter,” which is a result of racial profiling of African Americans by police agencies. I was surprised to read that in the Arizona DPS records, it was revealed that blacks and Latinos were searched more than white motorists. Even though states such as our own have issued orders against racial profiling, I have no doubt that it still occurs, for it is impossible to control others’ mind-frame.