Response to issues

For this assignment you will respond to the following with 150 words

Issue #1

A. Currently I work at Disneyland where I am a tour guide. Basically I take all the stress away that you would normally face at an amusement park such as dining, shows, attractions, etc. I also have to be very well versed in the history and heritage that the Disney legacy carries.

B. I’m currently going to school to get my nursing degree and then I hope to become a midwife after that. I still plan to work at Disney though once I become a nurse and going into the nursing program there.

C. The most important thing to me is enjoying what you do. I’m going to be honest Disney does not pay me a lot but I love what I do and i also know that this stage in my life is temporary and if you’re miserable doing what you do what’s the point in it?

Issue #2

I am currently living with my Grandparents who get Social Security and disability checks so honestly 750$ from each of us would be an immense relief. I think though if that money were to come my answers would not change. I love Disney and I have wanted to work there since I was five years old so no matter what I would be there. Like I also said the most important thing about working is to enjoy what you’re doing. If you’re just doing it for a paycheck you will find your life will become more miserable as time goes on.