Social norms are a very important part in society, as you will learn in class. We become afraid of being different, so we conform to what is considered normal. You, however, are not afraid of being a little different. For this assignment, you will go out and violate a social norm. Students should chose an activity that will not require informed consent. Activity chosen should not violate APA ethical guidelines and should not pose a risk of injury to yourself or others.

Some examples (yes, you may use these): go to a restaurant and order dessert, then your meal, then your appetizer; go to the store and push the cart backwards; wear something odd like shorts when it is very cold, or something the opposite sex normally wears; go to Taco Bell and announce you are full every time someone new comes into the store; stand facing the back in an elevator. I would be very happy if you come up with your own idea instead. Once you do this, write a one-page response on what you did, how you felt, how people reacted.