Revise 3 Pages of Essay abt Homeownership of American Dream

I would like you to revise this essay as following the prompt mentioned below:

This essay is a definition essay revolving around the topic of the American Dream. The first priority is defining what the American dream means. The American dream is a subjective idea, and you will want to narrow down your definition to one specific idea. The idea should include the history of an American Dream of homeownership, how did this happen, and the reason that housownership is still a attainable American Dream.

This essay will be arranged in the following structure.

P1. an introduction.

P2. your definition of the American dream

P3&4. address your definition of the American dream is still possible.

P5. you will need a conclusion.

Essentially, you will need a total of five body paragraphs.

The grade criteria of your essay is on the key elements of academic writing: a strong thesis (three-point preferred), topic sentences, transitions, etc.

Furthermore, your essay will need to reach at least three pages total.

You will also need a total of four sources minimum, and each all three body paragraphs should have at least one source.

Also, you will want to make sure that your paper adheres to MLA and standards and that you provide citations.

Lastly, please avoid first person in this essay.

Here are advises that my professor gave me to revise:

P1. I need to narrow down my definition of the dream, and show what makes it possible.

P2. I need to focus more the whole paragraph on homes in America and their history.

P3. Show and focus on what makes it possible to own a home

P4. Avoid stating topic sentence with sources, and show more what makes owning a home possible.

Also, as long as you follow the prompt, you can change the sources as you need.