Revise essay (WST)


The third essay is your portfolio analysis essay. Please write a concise essay of approximately 400 words (your essay may exceed 400 words–it may be as long as you need it to be as long as it is approximately 400 words) in which you argue for why you think you have successfully met the WST requirement as demonstrated by your work in this class. This is a thesis driven essay, and you want to use your own development as a writer in the class as your evidence of what you learned, e.g., noting grades does not explain how you developed as a writer. You want to give specific examples of how you developed, including what you learned, as a writer. I am not allowed to give you feedback on this essay, but I can answer general questions you have while you are working on it.

Review your work in our class this quarter (not just the essay work) and note places you have developed as a writer; this information will help you as you compose your portfolio analysis essay. Your essay should focus on how your work in our class prepared you to fulfill the WST and, how when your work is considered in its totality, demonstrates how you have fulfilled WST requirement.

It should go without saying, but you may not use (recycle) and essay you have written for a previous class including English 3000, 3001, and 3003 if you are retaking English 3003. Any previous writing you have done in other classes will not explain what you have learned in our class. In short, as is the case with all work in our class, do not plagiarize, including from yourself, in the portfolio analysis essay, all the other essays, and any work in our class. Feel free to reread the syllabus sections on plagiarizing and recycling. As always, I am here if you have any questions.

Following are some topics you may wish to cover in your essay; while you will not be able to cover everything, please consider addressing one skill in each of the three main focus areas:

1. Reading and writing proficiency within the discipline, to include the following skills:

a. summary of a text (this may include a speech or an opinion piece)

b. analysis of a text (this may include a speech or an opinion piece)

c. evaluation of a text (this may include a speech or an opinion piece)

d. formulation of an argument

e. use of persuasion in a written argument

f. development and elaboration of ideas in paragraph form

2. Research skills will include the following:

a. your ability to document sources

b. your ability to present your findings

c. your ability to format your paper properly

d. your ability to avoid plagiarism

3. The ability to self-edit will include the following skills:

a. revision with an emphasis on audience awareness

b. recognition and correction of organizational errors

c. recognition and correction of grammatical errors at the sentence and paragraph level

Comment of instructor to your essay(Draft #1):

Hi Negar,

This essay seems to be for another class–not ours, expect for your mention of me.

You want to talk about what you specifically learned in our class and how what you learned means that you have fulfilled the WST requirement. You talk about a reading done in 3000 and 3001 classes–not our class, and you do not talk about work you did in our class.

I hope my suggestions are helpful. You still have time to revise your essay. 🙂



Comment #2:

Dear Negar,

Please reread the assignment. You will see at it asks you for specific examples from our class. I am worried that you did not read the assignment closely.



******Your work(draft #1) and my edition to your work(Draft #2) are all attached bellow**********