revision plan

I want you to do a revision for this review.

Criteria Name Criteria Comment

Nestle is a multinational company with at least 2,000 brands spread out in 197 countries. CFS’s interest is in consumer protection through research, creating awareness and other publications.

The paper is formatted in MLA format.


Over all, your work is pretty good, never the less, be sure to emphasize your position on the problem, and main idea on the introduction, as well as properly distributing information between margins.


The subject matter for the paper is the safety standards of Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs). The objective of the paper is to elaborate whether or not GMOs are safe for human consumption or not. The author presents the potential dangers, benefits, and forms of GMOs currently available in the market. The author goes further to identify Nestle and the Center for Food Safety (CFS) as the two major interest parties in this debate.


The first paragraph is the introduction. The introduction constitutes 354 words. Here, the author introduces the subject matter, defines some words and/or concepts as applies to the paper. In the second to sixth paragraph, the author presents the main arguments with corresponding in-text citations for support.


On the top right of the first page, the author’s surname is indicated, in capital letters, followed by the page number. These appear in the header section. On the top left, there is the author’s name, the tutor’s name, the course and the date each below the other. Below the date and at the center of the page is the title of the paper. The rest of the paper flows in prose to the end. On the end of the paper is the works cited page comprising a list of all the works cited in the paper in MLA style e. The margins of the paper are approximately one inch by one inch and the font is 11.5 size Calibri. The paper is also double-spaced with each new paragraph indented by half an inch.

1- Summary ( Summarize the higher-order feedback you received from your peers/instructors(s). Note patterns/contradictions.)

2- Analysis (What peer/instructor feedback will inform your revision? Be specific and provide rationale.)

3- Revision Plan (Based on your self-review and peer/instructor reviews, detail the steps you will take to improve the quality of your writing project.)