revolving around Junot Díaz’s novel, The Brief Life Of Oscar Wao

This paper will answer one question (your choice from this list) revolving around Junot Díaz’s novel, The Brief Life Of Oscar Wao. While your reflections, attitudes about the book are up to you, you must include at least three examples from the book to back up your claims (along with page numbers). These questions are:

1.) How effectively does the book use the mythical and/or historical past to inform the present?

2.) What are the different ways that the notion of power is used throughout the novel, and how convincing is the narrator’s claim (on page 97) that, “Dictators, in my opinion, just know competition when they see it. Same with writers. Like, after all, recognizes like.”

3.) How much is skin tone a factor in the character’s actions, or fate, and is the novel an effective presentation of this issue?

4.) How useful is the novel’s use of language hybridity, especially in terms of character and narrative?

5.) How effective is the use of pop culture (film, comic book references) and does this constitute another language?

Along with your own thoughts, you may include references to critiques of the novel (with appropriate bibliographic citations). One such recommended secondary source is Christopher Gonzalez’s book, Reading Junot Díaz, which is available as an ebook online