Risk assessment predictability for violence on the job

I enjoyed reading your post. I think that you did a good job answering the discussion questions. While I was researching different risk assessments, I found that there was not one that had a high prediction rate, or rather one that was considered better than the rest in predicting future violence. I felt that this was due to multiple ares, such as the human factor as well as environmental factors. Interestingly enough to me, the highest predictability was found in the Classification of Violence Risk (COVR) and that only had a modest predictability (McDermott, Dualan, & Scott, 2011). Another assessment, which was not originally designed for risk-assessments, was the Hare Psychopathy Checklist-Revised is used often with a minimal prediction rate (Edens, Buffington-Vollum, Keilen, Roskamp, & Anthony, 2005). Were there any assessments that you looked into specifically? Did you find out the assessments predictability rate?